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Crafting Unique Dining Experiences, Anywhere

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About The Conscious Chef

The Conscious Chef Services specializes in creating so much more than just a personal restaurant experience. We deliver a personal and intentional experience that is affordable and catered to your vision. 

Our Chefs are on a mission and come prepared to take all the stress off of your plate to ensure a smooth and simple process. With more than 15 years of culinary experience, we are here to serve you and your guests.

Our goal is to make your experience fun, easy, and delicious!

Why Work With Us?

Tailored Experience 

Endless possibilities await as we customize each experience to suit your unique preferences.

Diverse Selections

Explore a wide range of services and menu options because we believe that a variety of delicious food enhances your overall experience. 

"First Class"

Indulge in the taste of 'First Class' without breaking the bank. Choose the tier that best fits you and savor the luxury within your budget.

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Serving the Austin, Texas area 


Farm to Table
Fresh Ingredients 

Only the Best

As a passionate farm-to-table chef, she maintains her own small farm where she grows and cultivates fresh seasonal produce and herbs that go directly into creating her exquisite dishes andelevated culinary experiences. By utilizing ingredients harvested fresh from her own farm, she is able to provide an authentic farm-to-table experience that delivers unparalleled quality and flavor in every meal.

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